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Jim Anderson & the Rebels (JA&tR), is a Professional Performance Group that has been performing in Washington, Nevada and California to SOLD OUT Venues.  They have been touted by Lifelong Elvis Fans as, "The Most Authentic Tribute to Elvis Presley and His Music to Date!"  They continue to perform at Fairs, Festivals, Concert Halls, Theaters, Private Events,Concert Series, and Corporate Events. They perform with professional Back-line Gear as well as a Professional Attitudes.  The group is ethical, hardworking, and very family friendly.  They are being booked by several Booking and Production Companies and have never had a single complaint.  Jim performs a Tribute to Elvis's Music, that is as energetic as they come.  The group has recorded their first album which is a compilation of songs previously recorded by Elvis.  These songs were recorded during their live shows from 2013.  They are looking forward to heading to the Studio and recording their first Country and Gospel Album, and also a follow-up Album of Elvis Music.  They are crowd favorites everywhere they perform and have built a significant following in a short amount of time.  They travel and perform anywhere in the world.  The group consists of Jim Anderson, a five piece instrumental group, and back up harmonies. 

Jim Anderson & the Rebels
Ethical, Hardworking, & Professional!