Jim started his acting career in 2010 as a non-union background Actor.  He has been involved in both Television and Movies now for well over a decade and is proud to part of the SAG-AFTRA Union.


Jim has been in and out of the Entertainment Industry for over two decades.  Starting his music career in high school, he stepped off the stage to pursue a career in Law Enforcement after serving in the US Navy.  Jim stepped back on stage and to his surprise, the music industry welcomed him with open arms.  He continues to perform for SOLD OUT venues everywhere.  Jim performs An Authentic Elvis Experience and is working on his first original Country Album.

Jim intends to continue to performing all over the world for years to come with the help of his group the Rebels.


Jim is a family man down to the bone.  His personal time is spent with his wife and sons Joshua, Storm, and Carson.  Jim fell back in love with his High School sweetheart, Lisa.  They are now happily married as of  January 20, 2018.  Jim pursued a career in Law Enforcement and completed the Police Academy in 1992.  A short time later he worked for the Sonora Police Department and finished his career at the Stanislaus County Sheriffs Department.  Jim is retired and pursued teaching and training at the Ray Simon Criminal Justice Training Center.  He became an instructor, then an RTO, and finished as one of the Academy Coordinators.  Jim retired from Law Enforcement and put his training and experience to work as a Private Investigator.   Jim has coached football for over two decades and was one of the Coaches for the Sierra High School Football out of Manteca, CA, who won the CIF State Championship for the 2015-2016.