Jims Businesses

Jim and his wife Lisa have begun building a relationship in their community with the opening of three businesses in their home town of Manteca, CA


Please feel free to contact them if you need some assistance.


Jim started an Investigation Firm when he retired from Law Enforcement and works for both the Courts and several private attorneys conducting Criminal, Civil, Workers Compensation, Fraud, Private, Serious & Willfull, Backgrounds, among other types of Investigations.  They are one of the premier firms in the Central Valley.


Jim is the CEO of Anderson's Music Label.  He finished building a recording studio with top of the line gear and recording engineers.  Jim and his band the Rebels have made three albums of Elvis music and plan on continuing to stretch the boundaries of Elvis's music Career.  As well as Elvis and his Authentic Elvis Experience Show, he and the Boys love Country Music.  He is currently working on his first original country album, but welcomes other to record under his label and studio.


Jim and his wife Lisa saw fit to take over the oldest Laundromat in his home town.  They hope to have it looking like an old 50's laundromat by the time they are done.  The prices are still VERY cheap and the hospitality from Jim, Lisa, his sons, and of course on of the back bones, his sister Tanya, is no less than GREAT!!


See you folks back in the little ol' town of Manteca, CA!